Now, it seems pretty clear that the extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani will make landfall in the Puri district on Friday (May 3). However, the guessing game on the particular place and time of landfall is still on.

While the latest Indian National Centre of Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) model predict the land fall to the south of Puri after passing at a kissing distance from Gopalpur and Chilika (see the pictures), the office of SRC has pinpointed the place of landfall as Balukhanda, which is to the north of Puri .

Fani also keeps guessing on the time of arrival to the Puri landmass. Though IMD has predicted it by afternoon of Friday (May 3), the drop in the pace of ‘Fani’ to around 6 Km/hr at 9 AM today from 22 Km/hr yesterday, indicates the time of landfall to the south of Puri will be in the evening hours (5:30 -7 PM) of Friday (May 3). The caveat, however, is the time of landfall will get delayed if pace of ‘Fani’ slows down further.

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