The SAARC summit of 2016 will be cancelled, a senior diplomat source in Kathmandu told the English daily ‘The Hindu’. The conformation from Nepal, the current SAARC Chair, came hours after Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afghanistan took after India’s decision to avoid the November summit to be held in Islamabad.

“There is no question of holding the summit if four countries declare their unwillingness to participate. As the current SAARC Chair, Nepal has the responsibility of seeking a solution to such pre-summit disputes but under the current circumstances nothing much can be attempted. We will do the due formalities and will declare the summit of 2016 should be cancelled due to non-participation of member states,” said a Kathmandu-based diplomatic source.

The source, however, pointed out that Nepal has not taken any decision on the summit as it is the current SAARC Chair.

“We wish that a diplomatic breakthrough could be found with a possible change of venue but no one can guarantee success of such steps as four countries have already declared their inability to attend the summit without seeking an alternate venue,” he said.

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