Sambalpur: In a latest development, police on Friday arrested BJP leader and ex-MLA Jaynarayan Mishra under Section 107 of CrPC as precautionary measure to maintain law and order in the city.

Official sources said, Jaynarayan Mishra has been arrested apprehending breach of peace and tranquility in view of the proposed procession to be taken out during Hanuman Jayanti celebrations here today.

Earlier, supporters of Jaynarayan had staged a demonstration against police while the latter had gone to the party office at Sambalpur to detain their leader. They resorted to a unique protest to debar police from doing so by lying on the ground.

Police resorted to preventive detention keeping in view past incidents of disruption in law and order situation during the Hanuman Jayanti processions in the city.

Speaking on the matter, Jaynarayan said “Stopping and arresting us for celebrating the Jayanti is like a big setback for our religious beliefs.”

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