AHMEDABAD : A senior newsman was found dead on Monday night, stabbed in the chest, lying in a pool of blood in his office in the Saurashtra district of Gujarat.

Kishore Dave, who was the department head of a Gujarati daily paper called Jai Hind in the town of Junagadh, was stabbed at 9 pm, while he was composing a story.

“He was stabbed six-seven times with knife. It appears that personal diputes could be an reason for the murder,” a senior cop said.

He was alone when he was attacked; there are no security cameras at the small one-room office. An office assistant found him dead.

The police case does not mention any names as suspects, but relatives of Mr Dave, 53, allege the son of a local politician is responsible for the murder. They say Mr Dave had reported on a case of alleged sexual harassment by the politician’s son about a year back, after which the case was filed against the journalist on charges of cyber-crime. He, however was granted bail.

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